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Our Story

Here at Plus Sized Corsets, we like stories and we’re dedicated to making sure you feel like you have the starring role. We were instrumental in the corset revival and have been at the forefront of corset trends and tailoring for years, inspiring much of the work in the corset industry. We’re famed for providing original designs and high-quality pieces that you see across mainstream and alternative fashion scenes.

Not only have we shaped the industry, but we’re driven by our passion for shaping our clients the way they want. While we specialize in plus size corsets, we cater to all body shapes and sizes. We have put together a complete corset guide to help you make a great informed decision. If you need any further advice, we’re always happy to hear from you and give a no-obligation helping hand. 

If you're looking for the perfect plus size corset, look no further. We realize that plus size doesn't stop at 2X. So, no matter what your size, shape or preference, trust us to get it right. Enjoy your genuinely functional and superbly stylish plus size corset without batting an eye. We offer a wide range of styles and boning so no matter your size or budget, let us help you find the right fit for you. Shop from our amazing catalog today!

While the body positivity movement has made a change for so many, we recognize the pain one feels when you find that perfect look only to be discouraged by size limitations. Well, Sexy doesn't have limitations and you won't find any here at Plus Sized Corsets. We promote body positivity for everyone so embrace the body you have. SEXY is all about attitude!

We’re experts in our field. We want you to feel excellent in your life. Take a look around our website at our gorgeous ranges, don’t hesitate to reach out with any queries, and feel confident that our years of experience will help you find the style and shape that helps you feel confident!

Welcome to Plus Sized Corsets.